On the 7th January 2021, at 8.45pm - our beautiful 23yr old son Cal Stuart made the hardest, bravest and most heroic of decisions to 'tap out' of this physical plain to find peace and solace from his depression, mental disharmony and sense of hopelessness in an increasingly chaotic world.

As a family - we are in pieces and broken. His presence is so painfully missed, and we ache day and night for him.

We also feel utterly compelled and committed to honouring Cal's life by doing something positive! So we are launching….

Calzy Foundation

  • to campaign to establish and promote impactful educational and early interventions to support young adult mental health
  • to create a platform and mechanism that encourages and supports open and trusted dialogue between young people; parents and carers; educators; support providers
  • to catalyse impactful improvements to accessible and sustainable support for young adults through political and policy influence
  • to reduce suicide rates in young adults

Please take a moment to watch this video.

Contact: alan@calzy.foundation for more information.

Website under construction and coming soon.